Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Romantic Text Messages For Him - Your Boyfriend Will Love This!

There are several different ways for sending him messages...Send him cute quotes, funny passages and pictures and flirty or even risque insinuations. All of these can be viewed as romantic, which is to give him some short notes of love to brighten his day.

Even so, when you're going to be texting him you just don't forward him any text that you read or picked up from a website simply because it talks about loving or something sweet and sexy. You need to learn how to do it the right way so that your message your sending won't get misread and the following tips will help you achieve this goal.

Tips to consider before you compose your message to him.

- Tip Number 1]. Make sure your texts are clear. To help save on space, texts are often sent in short form that looks like a cryptic code for anybody not acquainted with the shortcuts. Make a point that your husband or boyfriend understands these shorten acronyms and abbreviations before you send them.

He may wind up spending a lot of time trying to understand the shortened words. Besides, sending a love text written in its full form can be a lot more sweeter than him getting, machine-like codes.

- Tip Number 2]. Be Concise when choosing the words. As much as possible, don't use generalizations when composing your texts. Being accurate and concise in what you want to say to him and the message your getting across to him will be a lot more rewarding than concealing your thoughts in fancy words. If you would like to compliment him on something he's done or how handsome he looks, make it more exact and center on making the texts about him.

- Tip Number 3]. Make your words for him really sexy. You need to remember that not all men are romantic [that's why their men!] and may not be grateful for getting some love quotes. He could plainly not [catch on] or realize what you're trying to say.

It may be a better idea to just remind him of the romantic moments you've had together. It would certainly bring some joyful memories that would put a smile on his face.

- Tip Number 4]. Be Cute and cunning. As we already talked about, nearly all men are not into romantic texting unless it's them sending the texts. A lot of men would be more grateful of receiving simple, but cute texts that are witty in nature.


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